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tanzdreamer em We Heart It.


tanzdreamer em We Heart It.

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Just depressive GIFs

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Woah, Simpsons got deep.

Woah, Simpsons got deep.

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I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure.
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♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡


♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡


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A Series of Incredibly Frustrating Moments in Video Games

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Daenerys + far off (part 2)

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Vanity Fair cover shoot | behind the scenes (x)

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kit harington & emilia clarke | vanity fair, april 2014 (x)

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beccajaynemorrisI'm 19, hopefully training to be a nurse soon. I love Lucozade, Chinese food, drawing (when I feel like) and sometimes the boyfriend. I care a lot about what others think about me, there's no point in lying. I am horribly self-conscious, the majority of the time I feel like something is not right. Also I'm a massive hypochondriac. I hate groups of people, they make me nervous but I can also be extremely confident.